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There are no shortage of ideas that can be used to create new businesses that allow pastors and missionaries the freedom they need to do what they love. Here is a non-exhaustive list to get the creative juices flowing. This is a quick overview of several types of streams of income for missionpreneurs.

1. Real Estate

This model often takes existing capital to get started, but if you have resources or an existing piece of real estate, you can create cashflow rather quickly or help alleviate monthly expenses through this model.

Short Term Rentals

Sites like AirBnb and VRBO allow homeowners the ability to rent out a room, a floor, a whole property to those who are staying in a location for a short period of time. Maybe you have stayed in an AirBnb while visiting family or taking a vacation.

Long Term Rentals

In places where rental properties are in high demand, it may be cheaper (monthly) to own a house and rent out that house to another renter. That long term renter pays several hundred dollars more than the mortgage allowing for some extra monthly cash flow. Other real estate entrepreneurs are able to maximize this with duplexes and quadplexes.

Buy Low, Sell High

With more affordable houses on the market, entrepreneurs can find homes that are in bad shape but may be in a good neighborhood. With a little bit of money invested, they can turn a profit by flipping the house.

2. Retail Arbitrage

The buy low, sell high model also works in retail. Go to your local retail store and peruse the discount bin. Items that are selling there may sell for three to ten times their values online. Create an Amazon or ebay store and start selling.

3. Blogging and Information Websites

The internet is the best place for easy information. Those who can research well or have a particular insight into a given field can create blogs and information websites to inform readers. They can then monetize those websites through products, advertisements, and sponsorships.

4. Online Education

With rising college costs, people are using the internet in droves to learn new skills and information. An online course that costs a few hundred dollars may be cheaper than the thousands at the local university. Those who have a skill to teach may find a willing audience online.

5. Writing For Others

Information websites need a ton of new content everyday. Those who can write can create articles for clients who are website owners. These clients need to create a large amount of content on a regular basis. Ghostwriting is another technique where one sells a book that he did not write. Due to time constraints or lack of writing skill, he contracts out a writer to write the book for him.

6. Podcasting

As podcasting continues to grow in popularity, the demand also increases for new podcasts and new content. If you have something to say and can build an audience around a niche or an idea, a podcast is a great way to build a business online. As the popularity of radio dies, sponsors are willing to pay a premium to get to the ears of those podcast listeners.

7. YouTube Channel

So much video content is consumed through channels like YouTube. If you can create regular videos, either instructing or entertaining people, you can monetize that audience through advertising, sponsorships, your own products, or using a service like Patreon.

8. Dropshipping

If you have a website and can build an audience that is willing to buy, you can source products all over the world from different manufacturers, send them to warehouse services in the US, who will box and ship those orders to your customers. All you need is a good website and an audience willing to buy. No need for a warehouse or a lot of overhead.

9. Become a Flipper

A friend of mine would go to car auctions and buy and sell cars. Another mechanic friend of mine would offer money for people’s hardly working cars, put a little money into them, fix them up, and resell them at a higher price turning a profit off of those cars.

Others find cheap and scratched up furniture through their local online classifieds, repaint or stain them, and resell them. There are a number of items that can be bought and resold.

10. Selling a Service

Many people are great at graphic design, software coding, administration, and many other things. They can offer those services online business to business or even through existing online marketplaces.

11. Book Publishing

If you know something that others want to know, self-publishing is a great way to get that message out. You may need to build an audience first, but it is possible to bring in a good part-time or full-time salary off of writing and publishing your own books.

12. Coaching

Business owners, athletes, and other high achievers often get stuck in trying to accomplish their goals. Coaching is a great solution to help those achievers. Through online tools, those with coaching expertise can charge hourly rates to coach others.

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