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Please use the information and images below when writing about or discussing the Goby Mission team members. If you would like more information on any one of us, feel free to send us a personal email any time. Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Bobby Wood

Bobby is a Church Planting Catalyst with the North American Mission Board. In 2013 he planted Redemption Church in Ogden, Utah and has been serving in one of the least reached regions in America ever since.

Stu Coston

Stu served in the Air Force for 5 years and now works as a project manager in commercial construction.  He has helped dozens of business owners launch and grow their brand and has a passion to see businesses utilized for the Gospel. 

Daniel Ray

Daniel is a communications specialist with a journalism background. He spent his college career 1000 miles from home in order to help Bobby plant and grow Redemption Church. Now he lives in Mississippi spreading the idea of missionpreneurship.

How we got here

Bobby planted Redemption Church in 2013. Stu was transferred by the Air Force to Hill Air Force Base in Layton, and his family joined the church in 2016. Daniel moved to Ogden to finish his schooling at Weber State University and join the team at Redemption in 2016. Bobby has been burdened for quite a while for his fellow church planters and missionaries around him who struggled putting food on the table for their families while serving in ministry. Unbeknownst to Bobby, Stu also shared a similar burden when he and his family contemplated moving overseas to become missionaries. Bobby, Stu, and Daniel began to talk about addressing that problem by starting businesses that created jobs for church planters and missionaries to sustain themselves while on the mission field.

Goby Creative (a branding agency that develops websites, print/digital media, advertisements, and much more) was the first business we launched to ensure that missionpreneurship was feasible. We settled on the "goby" fish as our logo and name. The goby fish is an amazing fish that has a symbiotic relationship with a little, blind crab. The crab burrows a hole into the sand to protect itself from predators. The goby fish alerts the crab to dangers in the water, and in return, the crab allows the goby fish to stay safely in the hole together.

In the same way, we believe it is our mission to help missionaries navigate the new waters of the intersection of business and mission that fuels mission and multiplies the number of missionaries.

What we hope to do

Goby Mission is the place where we hope to share our ideas and experiments of missionpreneurship (evangelical missions + entrepreneurship) with the world. We want to add to the discussion of funding mission in new and innovative ways and hopefully provide clear pathways for missionpreneurs to implement their own ideas. Goby Mission hopes to build a network and community of other missionpreneurs and find ways to multiply the mission!

We see a day soon that we can have vocational business courses for entrepreneurs that want to start businesses in their own cities. We want to offer job boards that give missionaries an immediately tangible way to earn income to sustain their ministries. We hope to have a vibrant community here that shares ideas and helps each other build onto this model for ministry.

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