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Mission Drift

Imagine that you were on an airplane to go visit family members in another state. While on the airplane, the pilot suddenly forgets where he is headed and goes somewhere else forcing you to deplane in this foreign place. I’m sure you’d be a little more than disappointed. This is what happens all the time when individuals and organizations forget the destination where God is calling them to go. This is called mission drift. Think about the children of Israel. God tells them they are headed to the Promised Land, but all they can think about is their empty stomachs and giants that want to destroy them.

Mission drift is when you stop heading towards the original destination and start heading towards an entirely different destination. When mission drift happens, most people don’t even know that they’re headed in a different direction. It starts off innocent enough. A task or shiny object distracts us and takes our attention, and we find that we enjoy the distraction. We do this in big ways and small ways. This could be as small as binge watching Netflix shows or indulging our time in the latest social media posts. House projects, new business ideas, new ministry ideas, or hobbies. We become super buys doing things but none of the tasks we are doing move move us closer to our goal.

At Goby Mission, we are advocating for a missions/lifestyle model missionpreneurship. This is the idea of creating businesses that sustain missionaries and give them the time margins they need for the sake of their ministries. This means that a missionpreneur must be efficient in his workflow for the business, spends time with his family, and focuses on the mission. To perform this model well, you must have a good idea of the God-sized problem, the God-sized solution, and God’s specific call on your life for your contribution to that God-sized solution.

God Sized Problem

As you read Scripture and see your world, what are the problems we see as a result of our broken and sinful world? In the book of Nehemiah, the God-sized problem is the broken and torn down walls that are physical reminders of Israel’s rebellion against God and their past broken covenant with God. Nehemiah isn’t heartbroken over broken walls. He’s heartbroken over what they represent, and he knows that only God can give Nehemiah the favor with a foreign government to see those walls rebuilt.

What are the broken walls that you see everyday that are a result of man’s rebellion against a holy God? These broken walls should be what breaks your heart and brings you to your knees to plead for God to restore or make right. Take out a piece of paper and start writing down those broken walls. As you write them down, what is the biggest, most pressing need? Don’t let the enormity of it scare you. If the size scares you, then that’s probably the one you should write down. Forgetting the God-sized problem is the number one way we will drive away from vision.

God-Sized Solution

After having a good grasp of the problem, what is the solution? For example, maybe you live in a place where there is a small number of Bible-believing Christians. We know that without Christ, they will perish. The God-sized solution would be for many new believers to come to faith in Christ. The God-sized solution becomes our daily prayer. We worship an omnipotent God who can do the impossible if He so chooses. Our prayer needs to be wrapped up in God-sized solutions.

Your Contribution and Personal Sized Vision

God-Sized solutions are impossible for us to achieve on our own, but God likes to use us for His work. In using broken people like ourselves, He gets the glory. How could God use you to contribute to God-sized solutions? In the example listed above, maybe God would use you to start a church, or join a church plant team to proclaim the Gospel faithfully and make disciples of Jesus. With Nehemiah’s wall, he needed builders and soldiers. He needed those who could swing a hammer and those who could stop invaders from getting in.

One builder and one defender can’t solve the entire problem on their own but they can build their part of the wall or they can defend their part of the wall. When all the builder collectively come together, the walls were built and defended.

Barriers to Achieving a Personal Sized Vision

Personal sized visions are still large. To achieve large personal sized visions, you have to overcome larger barriers. For example, if you were starting a church in a new city, you need to move there and you need enough money to support your family. Understanding that may lead you to fundraise, be bivocational, or be a missionpreneur.

This is where business for mission makes sense. We really believe that the mission guides the direction. Finances are real barriers and obstacles. Missionaries will often overlook financial challenges by saying things like “God will provide.” While it is true that God often provides in miraculous ways to missionaries, it is unwise to fail to plan. When business fuels the mission, business is a means to an end instead of an end in itself.

Mission drift doesn’t happen because of the clear cut God-sized problem, God-sized solution, and personal sized contribution to the problem.

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